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Best practices for using and disposing of your computer

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If you are accustomed to using a computer, you belong to the two-billion-plus people worldwide who work, play games on computers, or simply log on to connect with friends and family and check out the news of the day.

Words of caution: There are ways to handle daily computer use to protect your eyesight and ways to properly dispose of your computer when its life is over.

Computer vision syndrome

Optometrists say that they see more people with dry eyes, fatigue, and strain. These complaints are attributed to “computer vision syndrome.” Staring at a computer screen for long periods causes a decrease in eye blink rate, by 60-70%. Computer vision syndrome may be more prevalent for those who work from home. Remote workers are likely to have fewer distractions than office staff, therefore they are spending more time staring continuously at the screen.

Helpful hints for monitor use include:

  • The 20/20/20 rule: For every 20 minutes you spend looking at the screen, focus for 20 seconds on something 20 feet away. This provides refreshment for your eyes.
  • Good posture: Sit up straight, shoulders relaxed, and avoid letting your head lean forward. Use a chair that offers good back support.
  • Relaxing your eyes: After two hours of looking at the computer screen, take a 15-minute break and focus on non-screen tasks like taking a walk. And if you’re in the market for a new computer screen, consider a curved monitor. You’ll enjoy less distortion and a wider field of view for less eye strain.

Disposing of your old monitor

Computer monitors are not ordinary garbage. You want to keep them out of the landfill, so they are candidates for e-recycling. Electronic devices contain toxic minerals and should be disposed of as e-waste.  Urban E Recycling has the the expertise, and the specialized equipment to handle this all kinds of e-waste. If we do not handle what you need to dispose of, we often have a resource for you.

Completing the circle

Non-dangerous metals can be reused after they are melted and refined. We disassemble and separate the various parts of your electronics once it arrives at our location. Some parts can be disposed of traditionally. Others, like the glass from your monitor, can be recycled. We also shred items like hard drives that contain sensitive information that should not be disseminated. Perhaps you’ve acquired a new monitor to make the computer work easier on your eyes. At Urban E Recycling, we do manage the responsible disposal of electronic devices. We take electronics like your cast-off screen with its different materials and follow best practices to recycle them as e-waste.


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