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Are you my Green Valentine?

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Question: What is something we all have in common?

Answer: The Planet Earth. 


We all live in the same home, which is abundant in natural resources and life—the place where all creatures live in harmony and peace. However, because of human activities such as deforestation, coal mining, smoke production, and improper waste disposal, the Earth is experiencing climate change. It is a problem we all face. There is good news; we all can take action.


Make Valentine’s Day memorable by celebrating Green Valentine with our families, friends, and loved ones for the love of Mother Earth.

  1. Plan a picnic – Prepare a hearty meal and choose reusable containers rather than single-use plastic bags. It’s also fun to have a picnic on your living room floor if you live in a cold climate.

2. Enjoy the outdoors – Consider spending the day with a family member at a park or nature area. Riding bicycles instead of using a car is also a great idea. Don’t forget to hydrate by bringing your reusable water bottle. 


3. Engage the kids – Teach them how to reduce waste on Valentine’s Day by encouraging them to recycle. Offer them a delicious fruit alternative instead of candy. You can also make Valentine’s gift crafts from recycled materials for family and friends.   


4. Cleaner Air – You can begin by planting trees to produce clean air. Participate in a tree-planting event with your friends or colleagues at your local environment department, or start your backyard garden.

5. Reduce your energy consumption – Reorganize your spouse’s workstation. Let natural light into the workspace by placing the desk near the window. Invest in energy-efficient appliances to save on energy too. 

6. Declutter your electronics – This is good for your mental health and creates more space for you to be more productive. It can also be an excellent family bonding activity. Be sure to dispose of all your electronic waste responsibly. You can have your old electronics picked up for FREE by calling (813) 512-6998, or you can drop your e-waste at Urban E Recycling style=”font-weight: 400;”> in exchange for a natural air purifier. Urban E Recycling provides FREE on-site and off-site services. The company is servicing three locations for Florida residents – Tampa, Orlando, and Bradenton. How does it get any better than this? 


7. A house plant to remember – Instead of a bouquet of cut flowers, how about a succulent? You can enjoy their beauty as long as you water them, and they lower stress and anxiety. A plant that keeps on growing will always be an expression of love for your Valentine if you gift it to your loved one. 


We only have one home, so even our most minor efforts can make a big difference. Let’s all celebrate Green Valentine every day and help fight climate change together throughout this year. Learn more about responsible and secure disposal of your electronics by visiting https://urbanerecycling.com. Urban E Recycling is also on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. May our love for planet earth be like a succulent. Strong, resilient, resourceful, and green. 


Change starts in the home, and it starts with you. All the best for your all-year-round Green Valentine!


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