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April 12th Earth Day ‘On Location’ Collection

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Urban E Recycling will be available on April 12th at 1626 Natures Way Blvd, Valrico, Florida, to celebrate Earth Day by helping consumers recycle their old electronic items for no charge.

Green is the color for March.

The drive to promote a “greener” Tampa Bay Area has received a huge boost from Urban E Recycling, a local business that specializes in the collection and recycling of consumer electronics.  The company has been steadily building a solid reputation for helping locals be able to get rid of their electronics with a clear conscious, knowing a company who never sends anything to the landfill is on the job.

But April is Earth Month.

With such a Green focus, it’s no surprise that the company has big plans for Earth Day, April 12th.  Urban E Recycling is honoring this important day by scheduling a “on location” pick up between 9am to 1pm, April 12th at 1626 Natures Way Blvd, Valrico, FL where they’ll be taking all sorts of unwanted electronics off consumers hands; no charge, as always. Most electronics are accepted.  A detailed list is on the website:  www.urbanerecycling.com/items

A spokesperson from the company commented, with a smile, “Mother Nature doesn’t want you old computers, but we do!”  And then pointed out that they are also available to pick up large items or quantity.

Recycling office electronics.

Details and restrictions of what Urban E Recycling cana collect for recycling are available here.  The company is also always open to discuss any electronic recycling projects or issues and lend their expert advice.  It’s all in the spirit of helping Tampa Bay become more green, after all!

Quickly building a reputation of good service.

John Davis, a pro-blogger who used the company to recycle his old computer, printer and flat screen monitor commented,  “The guys at Urban E Recycling are great.  I liked knowing I could recycle my old computer and not have to word about something like identity theft, since they wiped my hard drive and did everything possible to keep my information out of bad hands.  The fact that they were able to take my old printer and monitor too, was just icing on the cake.  We need more awesome companies like this here in Tampa Bay!”

The company never charges to recycle electronics and makes their money by scrapping metal and other elements in the material that’s given to them.  They even offer a Certificate of Data of Destruction upon request.  A “waiver of responsibility” is also available confirming they’ve taken care of the electronics properly.

(UPDATE: Now we call Waiver of Responsibility, TOR, Transfer of Responsibility)

It’s definitely a win-win  situation.

Recycling electronics with Urban E Recycling has many benefits, ranging from protecting the community from potential e-waste hazards, to having the knowledge that secure information isn’t stolen and misused to, finally, helping a company that cares about Tampa Bay grow so they can continue giving such a much needed service.

Don’t miss the chance to meet Urban E Recycling on Earth Day and get electronic waste disposed properly.


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Mother Nature doesn’t want your old computers but we do. 

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