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About Us and How We Started…

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Urban E Consulting, inc., DBA/Urban E Recycling properly disposes and recycles electronics in the Greater Tampa Bay Area was co-founded by Dellinda and Greg Rabinowitz. Essentially, we are a service that has free pick-up from businesses and residents of e-waste. We also destroy data of hard drives with certification. 100% of all electronics we handle are recycled responsibly.

Like many other companies, we started in our garage with a small amount of start-up money. A few weeks later, we knew we could not handle the business we were encountering in the home garage, so we rented a quarter (about 500 square feet) of a warehouse where we could share expenses and some needed equipment. About a month later we rented half of the warehouse space because of growth.

Six months later, we had to lease a neighboring warehouse. Four times the size. Now we are in our 3rd warehouse with a loading dock, two bay doors, and 3 offices, and we just leased another warehouse right beside us for extra storage. We have been very fortunate to purchase good equipment from some industrial auctions. We purchased equipment as we needed, and as we could afford it.

In no certain order, we purchased a scale, two forklifts, several dollies, bins, large security cage, several testers, HDD Eraser, degausser, PD-4 HDD Crusher and finally a hard drive shredder. Of course, to handle the hard drives securely, we had to have 24/7 surveillance installed. We bought a pick-up and had signage applied to three vehicles. And a year later purchased a box truck to fulfill our pick-ups loads.

We had the usual challenges with employing the right people; having enough work to keep everyone busy and having enough employees to handle the work. We have been very fortunate to hire dependable employees that are committed and reliable.

Why does Tampa Bay choose Urban E Recycling for e-waste disposal?

3 Good Reasons:

  1. Urban E Recycling does things right.  We recycle electronics responsibly.
  2. We destroy data on hard discs to DoD standards.  We even give you a certificate of data destruction
  3. We pick up for no charge.  In fact, all of our services are FREE.

We are the honored recipients of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award for Emerging Business; and the finalist in the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

If you haven’t already used us, try us out.  Call 813-512-6998 or https://urbanerecycling.com//schedule-a-pickup

Urban E Recycling.  We don’t charge you because we make our money on the e-scrap.