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Our Team Works Hard at Urban E Recycling. They Know How Important Their Job Is.

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Computer Disposal is getting to be a concern in Hillsborough and surrounding county.

Urban E Recycling, (‘E’ stands for electronic recycling) in Tampa, Florida.  We will recycle your computers, cellphones, laptops, telecom systems and other office electronics.  Computer recycling and electronic recycling is what we do.  We will pick up your e-waste at your Tampa Bay Area business for NO CHARGE.


We believe that business and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. With the overwhelming speed of changing technology, we are in a position to make sure your outdated or non-useable electronics will be recycled safely, ethically and responsibly.


We are a local company with the Tampa Bay community in mind.  We try to get involved in community projects. We give back to our city, county and the greater Tampa Bay Area.  We believe in what we do, and do what we believe in.  If you have a project that you think we should partner with, please contact us.  We welcome questions and suggestions.

Urban E Recycling – Your Solution to E-waste

Who Is Urban E Recycling

To make it extremely easy to recycle electronics with the confidence that all data is destroyed.
We believe most people will do the right thing if it is convenient.
We promise no computer, fax machine, cell phone or any electronic device that goes through our warehouse will end up in the landfill.
We no longer erase hard drives.  All hard drives from computers, copiers, fax machines, cell phones etc. are destroyed by shredding.

Our Unique Offers

FREE Pick up
FREE Data Destruction
FREE Certificate of Data Destruction
100% Recycled

Meet Our Team

Dean Eskine
Dean EskineLakeland Manager
Gina Ledesma
Gina LedesmaOffice Manager
Nick Bugler
Nick BuglerWarehouse Manager
Kyle Eastham
Kyle EasthamNight Supervisor
Devin L. Edwards
Devin L. EdwardsDriver & Customer Service
Devin came to us with lots of driving experience. We need more like him.
Dave Johnson
Dave JohnsonData Destruction
H.M. Chauncey
H.M. ChaunceyLogistics & Customer Liaison
D'Marco Crumble, Sr.
D'Marco Crumble, Sr.Forklift Driver
Daniel Ciavarella
Daniel CiavarellaSorting Specialist
Torres Staxton
Torres StaxtonDismantle Specialist
Rashad Welch
Rashad WelchSenior Warehouse Associate
James Furman
James FurmanGeneral Dismantler
Dale Davis
Dale DavisSorter Specialist
Manny Ledesma
Manny LedesmaTech Specialist
Victor McFadden
Victor McFaddenData Destruction Specialist
Ernesto Gonzalez
Ernesto GonzalezDismantle Specialist
David Steinberg
David SteinbergDirector of Sales
Call David to see what all we over for no charge.

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