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5 Ways to Reduce E-waste in Orlando, FL (including secure hard drive shredding)

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5 Ways to Reduce E-waste in Orlando, FL (including secure hard drive shredding)

In the latest report of the local government of the City of Orlando year 2020, there had been an accumulated collection of 19,536 pounds of electronic waste surrendered. This report had records from last February of the said year, and the accepted items are from cell phones to computer monitors, electronic circuit boards, and more.

In Orlando, Florida, the electronic recycling events are designed to reduce e-waste by recycling, hard drive shredding, and proper disposal. In this way, mining precious metals means minimized, resulting in fewer electronics in landfills, decreased usage of new energy resources, and reducing the need for mining the earth.

However, 19 thousand pounds is just a tiny portion of the total electronic waste out there. And e-waste is piling upland soon might get out of control. From this article, you will know how to minimize your e-waste, including hard drive shredding.

Re-evaluate your devices.

If an electronic device is still working, would you need to buy a new one? One of the reasons you might need a new one is the functionality your current one offers. With this dilemma in hand, you might consider buying a gadget that has multiple functions. A printer, for example, may soon require you to have a scanner and copier. Do this without requiring a separate purchase of scanners and copiers, as printers nowadays have three functions in one, making you saving you money and storage space.

Re-evaluate your devices.

Carefully caring for your devices to extend the life so as to delay the need for you to buy a new one. To do so, purchasing a protective case, keeping it clean, and prevent battery problems due to overcharging is another way to increase electronic device life. 

Support environmentally friendly devices.

Some devices are made with certifications and tagged with “ecolabels,” certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tools (EPEAT) or products that meet the IEEE 1680 standards

Recycle e-waste

Recycling e-waste in Orlando, Florida, comes in many ways like trading-in for an upgrade, destroying data devices, or most preferably, using a third-party company reliable in electronic recycling and data destruction such as hard drive shredding.

Final Thoughts

At this point, people cannot just reduce electronic usage to zero. However, waste can be controlled and minimized in numerous ways. In the list of ways above, the easiest is to use a service provider to supply your needs.

Urban E Recycling makes recycling e-waste in Orlando, Florida, accessible but also very convenient. The company provides free pick-up and on-site hard drive shredding, computer disposal, data destruction, and electronic recycling. Its service delivers a NO-CHARGE recycling method and can even provide your company with a certification of data destruction.

With a mission to properly dispose of electronic wastes in Orlando, Florida – Urban E Recycling does it securely and conveniently. Our electronic recycling locations are also in Tampa, Bradenton, servicing the entire state of Florida.

Free up a space without hurting the environment by utilizing our electronic recycling and hard drive shredding service in Orlando, FL. Schedule a pick-up now by clicking here.


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