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5 Practical Tips to Manage E-waste on Holidays

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We might enjoy buying something new this holiday season or receiving the latest gadgets available. Still, we should also realize that if e-waste is not managed correctly, it can also cause harm. While we keep up with the latest technology trends, we must also take responsibility for the gadgets that have fallen from our possession.

According to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, dumped e-waste is expected to total 57.4 million tons in 2021 and continues to rise. During the pandemic, organizations transitioned to a hybrid working environment, the number of electronics significantly increased, and the old ones had to be responsibly recycled. Here are five practical tips on how to manage electronic waste this holiday season:

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  1. Inventory check – During the decluttering process, examine current electronics. Bring new life to your faulty electronics by bringing them to your local electrician or service center. Fixing them can be cheaper than buying a new one.
  2. Organize and organize more – You won’t know what you have if you don’t manage your gadgets, wires, connectors, and DVDs. You don’t want to buy something you think you need, only to find you already have a duplicate.
  3. Commune with nature – Take a break from technology. Go on a nature hike or brisk walking in the nearest park with your loved ones this season.
  4. Educate yourself – Electronics are high in toxic materials, so it is crucial to dispose of them correctly. Teach yourself, your kids, and your friends how to dispose of electronics properly. It is essential to be mindful of the toxic contents of e-waste while reducing its volume.
  5. Discover the electronic recycling near you – You can find information about your local recycling options on the EPA website if you live in the United States. Check out your local recycling options and share them with your family and community no matter where you live. If you are residing in Florida, you can choose between three locations – Tampa, Orlando, and Bradenton. Urban E Recycling provides FREE on-site and off-site services. Schedule a FREE pick-up by calling (813) 512-6998 or visit https://urbanerecycling.com for more information. Urban E Recycling is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.



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