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The 3 Main Signs You Need To Outsource IT

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Time is a valuable and critical resource for a business owner.

Time is a valuable and critical resource for a business owner. You have to make sure the work gets accomplished on time and excellent customer service. As the core business continued to expand, how do you deal with too much work? Does your workload seem to be constantly growing? How do you keep up? Perhaps you should consider outsourcing some of your work.

Outsourcing means different things

Outsourcing means different things to different businesses. Hiring a contractor to help you with various tasks around your business is one option. Outsourcing arrangements can take many forms in your business, but these are some surefire reasons to consider outsourcing.

1 – The workload is too tremendous for the available time.

Working a lot can have positives and negatives effects. It is a good problem, though, but it can be frustrating when you can’t finish the work you’ve done now, much less what is on the horizon. If this keeps happening, consider outsourcing. Working longer hours yourself and the team may not always be the best option.

2 – Staff wears too many hats and cannot do specific tasks.

In startups and small businesses, employees play multiple roles to keep the ball rolling. Nevertheless, overworked employees are less productive. Their output can be unsatisfactory, filled with errors, mistakes, and inaccuracies. Quite often, staff members cannot perform a significant technical task without special training and preparation. Hiring new qualified employees is definitely an option. At present, that may not be easy. Furthermore, the lack of expertise and experience makes it unlikely that the new hire can perform well right away.

3 – Security is essential to you.

Did you ever get hacked? Was your business almost cost thousands of dollars by phishing emails? The size of your business doesn’t matter. Hackers and viruses don’t discriminate and will make use of the latest technology in hacking! If your data isn’t adequately secured, you could suffer from a data breach. Is this something you can prevent? Yes!

There are many challenges faced by business owners regarding IT security, including but not limited to email security, device security, firewall management expertise, data backups, and user errors. Prioritizing can be challenging and overwhelming.

If you entrust it to a managed IT service provider, you will have the time, talent, and resources to handle all of this. It will be easy for you to prioritize the work because you know the best security tools. When your organization has to meet standards and security requirements, shifting the burden will make it easier for you to sleep at night. 

Dealing with Electronic Waste While Transitioning

While outsourcing the IT component of your business, it is crucial to consider e-waste recycling as well. Why is that? Keeping data security is equally essential to protecting the environment. Electronics and old phones have accumulated, including computers, monitors, printers, and copiers. The internal team often does data destruction in larger companies. The residual waste can be harmful to humans and present a security risk. Hiring an external service provider with the appropriate equipment for data and hard drive destruction is highly recommended.

Tampa, Orlando, and Bradenton shreds Hard Drives

For businesses in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota/Bradenton, or the surrounding areas looking for an outsourced provider for waste collection, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Urban E Recycling team. Its expertise and innovative waste management solutions, including e-waste management, are tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. In addition to the following free services, the company provides expertise on:

Urban E Recycling ensures the quality of everything they do through certified quality management systems, including responsible electronic waste recycling

No matter your company’s needs, outsourcing service can help you cut costs, grow your business, or focus on strategy. Now is the time to implement change in your organization with the help of an outsourcing company.


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