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14 Simple & Effective Ways to Make Your Business Environmentally Sustainable

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A Shift in Perspective

How can you deliver products and services to your clients and customers while creating value? Sustainable businesses are profitable, growing companies with zero, harmful, or even net-positive social and ecological footprints.

As a guiding principle, sustainability acknowledges and highlights that humans need clean water, air, soil, and food to survive. If current pollution and consumption levels remain constant, the Earth will not sustain projected human populations, especially in light of climate change.

Business models that adopt a broader responsibility and adopt practices that minimize environmental damage and promote social benefits ultimately benefit human health and contribute positively to society.

Recently, more and more companies are making conscious efforts to integrate environmental issues into their operations. Start with your home and workplace and become part of the global scene by taking small steps.

Reduce or eliminate your use of paper

According to estimates, the United States alone uses more than $2 trillion worth of paper every year. Now that’s a lot of trees! Reduce or eliminate paper use in your small business to make a big difference. Utilizing email and document storage software like Google Drive is the easiest way to do this. Going paperless will increase your productivity and make it easier for you to share files with coworkers.

Conduct a water audit

A typical office wastes around 35% of the 280 gallons of water it uses each day. By conducting a water audit, you’ll be able to measure your current usage and find ways to decrease your overall consumption. You can also test the quality of your water by conducting a pH or hardness test. You’ll be able to identify which areas in your office need eco-friendly systems or water recycling.

Consider the environment when purchasing products.

Nowadays, the products we use every day have a significant impact on the Earth’s environment. By evaluating product packaging properly, you can start being more environmentally conscious. When purchasing a product, consider the packaging materials thoroughly. Look for alternatives that have the most negligible environmental impact on the world.

Switch to LED lights

LED lights are an environmentally friendly way to light your business! Switching to LED bulbs can save you $300 in electricity costs each year. This simple change can effectively reduce your carbon footprint and increase your profit.

Use more renewable energy sources.

Producing energy from renewable sources is one step to becoming more environmentally sustainable. These resources can be wind, solar, or geothermal, depending on your location. By using more renewable energy sources and reducing the amount of power your business operates, you increase your business’s overall efficiency.

Be creative with your waste stream.

But, how is that exactly possible? By going through your waste stream and interviewing your employees. One way you can do this is to have all employees estimate their waste item by item.
Write down the estimated amount of each category on a sticky note and display the reminders all around the workplace. Ask your employees, “What percentage do you think is wasted?” Then, discuss what you can do to eliminate all these items from the workplace. Talk about new best practices for designating waste bins or adding recycling receptacles.

Invest in eco-friendly equipment

Make the switch to eco-designed equipment. A+ energy-certified laptops and screens consume less energy. It is also worthwhile to invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner. Buy recycled or responsibly managed paper. In short, go green.

Insulation Can Help

Having insulation in your office is a good move. Aside from creating a comfortable working environment, the walls will decrease airborne noise transmission.

Vegetarian meals are a great option.

A vegetarian diet is an ecological option and a healthy choice for the body and soul. Eating vegetarian meals is helping to save the world one plate at a time. By eating a bit more vegetables, we can make a difference individually. How about launching Green Mondays?

Support local; go for organic produce

Wouldn’t it be nice to have baskets of local, organic, and seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables delivered to your office each week? It’s an excellent way to support local farmers and food producers. And it’s economical with group delivery.

Encourage employees to bike, walk, or carpool to work.

Do you want to keep your most productive employees? Then encourage cycling, walking, and carpooling as a way to commute. Besides saving the environment, it will boost employee productivity and reduce fuel consumption.

Telecommuting is green and healthier.

Hard work does not come from working long hours. It makes you exhausted and less productive. Employees are more productive, more motivated, and more successful when they have shorter working days or more flexible schedules.

Lastly, have fun!

If you own a business or work for one, you probably have old computers or monitors sitting in storage. Old computers and monitors can be reused or repurposed through recycling. It keeps toxic substances out of landfills.  However, they often can be reused or repurposed instead of being thrown away. In addition to helping the environment, recycling old electronics also brings people together and creates stronger team bonds. This activity often improve office involvement. Engage your employees, suppliers, clients, and stakeholders for a more productive weekend activity that improves work relationships and awareness about e-waste recycling.

You must first partner with a reputable recycler. Check out https://urbanerecycling.com/.com  to get started. 

Here is a list of recyclables that you may find helpful.

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The benefits of a sustainable business are not just the bottom line. It’s the ability to do business while doing good. It is in future generations’ best interests to protect public health, the environment, and natural resources. It’s leaving a better world for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of every living thing on this Earth.


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