When I announce what I do at network groups or one-on-one introductions; one of the first questions asked of me is, “How does Urban E Recycling,Inc. Recycle computers.” The simple answer is, “We disassemble electronic items, separate and categorize them, and sell them as scrap by the tons.” Of course, sometimes the value might be in the whole piece, and then we try to find a home for those items.

100% of the electronics we pick up are recycled 100%. That means nothing goes to the landfill. That fact alone is something we are very proud of, but there is another big factor in the whole electronic recycling process. One essential part of what we do is seldom voiced or thought about. That important detail is, recycling computers and other electronics keep the earth from being mined and excavated.

Gold mining is one of the most environmentally destructive forms of mining and is the leading cause of man-made mercury pollution. It also poisons the environment with cyanide, fills rivers with acidic mine waste, and contributes to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Source: http://www.brilliantearth.com

Of course, gold is just one element. Computers have gold, silver, platinum and other precious and semi-precious metals. Recycling such metals also keep the cost of new electronic gadgets affordable.

I love what I do because there are so many positive aspects of the e-scrap business. Talk about a win-win; this has to be it. The industry is getting stronger and people are getting more consciousness about the technical material we ‘can not live without’.

The next time you find a new computer you want to purchase, feel a little better about it. Know that some of those parts have been recycled and reused. You are going to buy it anyway so you may as well be happy about it.