The Big Bag Theory

No, This Is Not a Typo.

I was visiting some offices a while back, to let them know that Urban E Recycling is servicing Tampa Bay area and we pick up end-of-life electronics at no charge, etc.  It’s cold calling but in a nice and gentle fashion.  I like to drop off my card and let folks know we are pick up, data destruction and recycling for no charge.  Most everyone I encountered was genuinely happy to get my card.  Some asked about the items we took; others asked if we pick up from residential areas, and so on.  But one lady told me that she doesn’t need our services, she just throws the old equipment in the garbage as she pointed to the big blue metal garbage bin out the window.

I told her that she wasn’t supposed to throw electronics in the garbage, but she wasn’t surprised at that.  She told me that she just puts the stuff in a big bag and tosses it, so no one is the wiser. The Big Bag Theory.  I wanted to reprimand her on her irresponsible ways.  I didn’t of course. But I didn’t forget about it either.  To me, it’s like someone throwing trash out the car window.  Why?  It takes so little effort to do the right thing.  A simple phone call to Urban E Recycling can rid her of the old equipment in 24 hours, costing her nothing.  But no; she concocted The Big Bag Theory.



  • According to the EPA, smartphone sales grew at 23% globally. Laptops, electronic tablets, and other electronics were not far behind.  Where does all the end-of-life products go?  Unfortunately, a large percent of them go directly to the landfill.  Another hiding place is your closet, drawer or garage.

  • There are better solutions for your e-waste.  In the Tampa Bay Area, Urban E Recycling will pick up your old electronic devices, destroy all personal information, certify data destruction and recycling old equipment for no charge.

  • If you have questions, call us at 813-501-9346.