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The Big BaG Theory – Not Computer Recycling

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Let me tell your about the Big BaG Theory.

A while back, I  visit some offices to let them know that Urban E Recycling is servicing the Tampa Bay area. Just so you know, we pick up end-of-life electronics at no charge, destroy data, etc.  It’s cold calling on the street but in a nice and gentle fashion.  I like to drop off my card and let folks know what we do, and they do not have to pay to dispose of e-waste.

Most everyone I encountered was genuinely happy to get my card.  Some asked about the items we take; others asked if we pick up from residential areas, and so on.  

One business individual told me she doesn’t need our services, she just throws the old equipment in the garbage as she pointed to the big blue metal garbage bin out the window.

I told her she was not supposed to throw electronics in the garbage, She isn’t  surprised at that.  She tells me that she just puts the old equipment in a big black bag and tosses it. She says, “… so no one is the wiser.” 

Yep; I hear it too often. The Big BaG Theory.  

My instinct is to reprimand her on her irresponsible ways.  I don’t of course. But I do not forget about it either.  

To me, it’s like someone throwing trash out the car window.  

Why?  It takes so little effort to do the right thing. 

A simple phone call to us can rid her of the dead computers and every other retired electronics in 24-36 hours, costing her nothing.  Plus, she knows they will be recycled correctly and all data destroyed.

But no; she has to succumb to the Big BaG Theory.


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