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Security Tips to Keep You Safe

If you have ever had your identity compromised, you know how frustrating and sometime devastating it can be. Here are some simple yet effective ways to protect your personal information.Change your password more often; at least every 6 months. 63% of credit fraud is because of weak or common passwords. Don’t use one password for everything. Don’t keep the same one and just change the last letter or number.

    1. Gas stations are notorious for fraudulent activity. Always use pumps that can be seen by the clerk. The chance of someone inserting a fraudulent device like a card reader is less likely.

    2. Don’t open emails that you do not recognize. Just delete them. (exception: if they are from Urban E Recycling, it’s okay.)

    3. Never go to online bank or credit card accounts from email. Open a new tab.

    4. Use credit cards instead of bank cards online. Preferably one that has a low balance.

    5. Speak softly at doctors office and pharmacies. No need to broadcast your date of birth or social security number to others that are waiting.

    6. Shred your documents. Buy a good shredder. Cheap ones land up with us. We recycle cheap paper shredders weekly.

    7. Don’t give information over the phone from a incoming call. Always look up the phone number. Enter the number on your favorite search engine with the word ‘scam’ and ‘reviews’. See what shows up. You might be surprised.

    8. Lie when you are filling out social media information or other types of popups that ask for your birthdate.

    9. Don’t leave mail in your mailbox for days. Many pieces of mail have your personal information.

    10. ALWAYS UPDATE. On your phone or computer, updating will keep security programs updated.

    11. Passing the curser over addresses or links often give you a hint. If they do not look right; don’t click.

    12. If you feel your computer has been compromised, turn off and unplug your computer immediately. Often you can disconnect the malware before it infects.

    13. Watch the person taking your credit card at convenient markets. Don’t let your credit card get out of your sight.

    14. And ALWAYS shred your hard drive when disposing of your computer. We do it at no charge at Urban E Recycling.

  • Bookmark this page for future updates.

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