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Our Mission is to Make Proper Disposal of Electronic Waste Convenient & Secure.

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Our Response to Covid-19

As part of our efforts to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we’re taking extra steps before any direct interactions with our customers. We require our employees to wear special protective masks and stay at least 6 feet from customers and other employees. We ask that you help us in the effort to keep us all safe. For any question, please call or email us for details.

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Looking for e-waste recycling near me? We now have 3 locations; Tampa, Orlando, and Bradenton. We service Florida and beyond. E waste recycler near me.

Hard Drive Data Destruction

Data Destruction offers a state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding service. We can deploy a truck to your facility for on-site physical data destruction. With a capacity of shredding up to 1500 drives per hour, Urban E Recycling. Free e recycle near me.

D. Rabinowitz cert

Certification of Data Destruction

E recycling near me: Do yourself a favor and clean out your closets and storage rooms and garage. We will recycle electronics the right way. Recycle e waste near me, the right way.

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We Do Not Charge For Our Services

All our services are at no charge to encourage proper recycling of computers.

We do not charge for our services, including free pickup, free data destruction, free certification of data destruction, and recycling of your electronics. There is no minimum.WHY? — We make our money by redeeming the metals and other materials. It’s a volume business; so call us!

We believe that business and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. With the over-whelming speed of changing technology, we are in a position to make sure your outdated electronics are recycled safely, ethically, and responsibly. Our services include data destruction by shredding hard drives.

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Drop Off • Pick Up • Absolutely No Charge

Locations We Serve


5630 E. Powhatan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33610


2450 Forsyth Rd Orlando
We Are Open! 7:30am-4pm M-F


6102 24th Street East Bradenton, FL 34203
Urban E Recycling recycles cell phones, wires, laptops, towers, computers, servers, x-boxes, radios, DVD players, CD players, medical equipment, and other electronics. Almost anything with a board or cord. Check out our list of items we recycle.

Do you want to learn how our shredding is done?

Drop off and Watch!

At 5630 E Powhatan Ave Tampa, FL

Monday – Friday
 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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